Bringing Bhutan to You!

We envision enabling every global explorer with minimal carbon footprint for an immersive and personalized “Bhutan Experience” of the pristine beauty and culture of the only carbon negative country by leveraging VR technology.

Our mission is to offer an alternative climate conscious choice that is accessible and inclusive to every individual globally to experience Bhutan.

Why Virtual Bhutan?

Virtual Bhutan started as an innovative solution to the COVID imposed travel restriction and livelihood crisis. With innovation, adaptability and collaboration at the core of our function, we pride ourselves as a learning organization.

With Virtual Bhutan you experience the diverse cultural and natural landscapes of Bhutan, above and beyond the typical tourist circuit with zero carbon footprint. The essence and the hospitality of Bhutanese will guide you through your personalized VR experience. You not only gain from the meaningful experiential connections but you give back to the community by helping build a tech enabled, pandemic resilient and climate conscious alternative to travel and tourism in Bhutan.

But we are more than tourism, we want to create value and knowledge . In addition to touristic experiences, we also design and curate experiences for education, wellbeing, spirituality, wilderness and nature based learning and healing.

Our work not only contributes to enhancing Bhutan's development philosophy of Gross National Happiness , we also contribute towards SDG 13 (Climate Action) and SDG 17 (Partnerships for Global Goals).

Our Theory of Change

We are founded on 3 core principles of innovation, adaptability and impact. As such we are proud to have put in the work to create our Theory of Change and Monitoring Evaluation and Learning Logframes from the get go. We are thankful to the East-West Center Innovation Fellowship for this guidance.

Theory of Change more

A taste of Virtual Bhutan!

We invite you to experience Virtual Bhutan's aspirations. Before you do, kindly follow these instructions to the best of your capabilities - it is only two and a half minutes of your time:

  1. Sit comfortably in a quiet space and turn off any music or external audio you may be listening to.
  2. Increase the volume to the highest on your phone or laptop
  3. Enter full screen
  4. Relax. Experience with Intention. Find focus in stillness, nuanced discoveries in silence.
  5. Appreciate this land’s beauty and sounds
  6. Embody the experience

Our Partners and Supporters

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